About Us

The Company

When we first started working on CloudInn in 2010, we knew, we didn’t want it to be just another PMS, but rather a holistic cloud-based solution that offer remote accessibility for both hotel owners and management companies. We wanted to offer hotels and resorts a fully- integrated, accessible, flexible, affordable and dynamic solution.

Today, CloudInn is a cloud-based hotel management solution that covers all hotel internal operations and becomes the hotel's direct gateway to all the online sales and marketing channels.

Our experience in the hospitality industry allows us to understand the operations of different property types and their pains. Accordingly, we’ve built CloudInn with features that cover hotels of different sizes, as well as serviced apartments and cruises. As a bonus, we also development dashboards that allow owners of multiple properties to view all their properties at once.

The Technology

CloudInn is a cloud-based solution. What that means is, we run our solution over the internet “the cloud”, giving you the ability to use any number of computers - or mobile phones, if that’s what you prefer - from anywhere, at the same time.

So why should you go cloud-based?

We’re glad you asked! There are multiple advantages to a cloud based solution:

1. Cost Advantage: Cloud hosting gives remote access to extensive hardware infrastructure that is would otherwise be too expensive and inefficient to have on-site.

2. 24/7 Support: Technical administration of the servers is the responsibipty of the cloud provider including uptime guarantees and 24/7 monitoring and support.

3. Security: Data security is governed by strict protocols and not subject to on-site specific risks. (So no one can manipulate your data if you give them a pay cut!)

4. Assurance: The hosting is geographically dispersed saving you from country-specific risks.

5. Recovery: Multiple disaster recover and failover solutions are in place.

6. Phased-Growth: Cloud hosting allows for dynamic expansion of the storage and processing capacity that grows with system needs and usage patterns.

The Team

We’re a mixed team of hoteliers and software engineers ( And a few marketeers and sales/support people too, but we promise, they’re the nicest people!) We’ve been working on CloudInn since 2010. It was just 4 of us when we started, but now we’re a team of 35 people!

We have over 30 years experience in hospitality, and over 40 years experience in application development. We’ve done the work before and we’re all passionate about making running your hotel as easy as possible.

CloudInn is a complete solution, as it covers all aspect of the hotel finances and operations ( Purchasing and stores, cost and receivables, income and payables, and general ledger). Also, you can get your reports easily. As a chief accountant for Gemma Hotel in Marsa Alam, I've been using CloudInn for 7 years and we have not faced any serious problems. The team has always supported us and updates are frequent and reliable.

Mahmoud Hassan Mohamed - Cheif Accountant - Gemma Hotel
Up to 70% - Cost Cutting

The cloud architecture eliminates the need for any IT infrastructure investment. CloudInn offers different payment plans that match the hotel’s cash flow.

Seamless Integration

All modules that are required to manage your property are fully integrated with no need to import and export on other systems.

Reports & Dashboard

Since our Property Management System is Cloud based, all your operations are accessible online from any geographic location and receive live updates.